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Trends in New Orleans Business Startups and Closures Over Time (1900-2017)

Source: City of New Orleans (CSV). This dataset provides a historical list of businesses operating in New Orleans with valid occupational licenses during the year 2015, including information such as business start and close dates, type, address, and geographic coordinates. Dates: 1900-01-02 to 2018-12-31
  • The number of businesses started in New Orleans shows a substantial increase over time, particularly from the year 1997 onwards.
  • A notable spike in business startups occurs in 2005 and continues to rise significantly each year, reaching its peak in 2014.
  • Business closures were not recorded until 2015, with a high of 860 closures, followed by a drop in subsequent years.
  • The data does not provide specific reasons for the trends observed, such as regulatory changes or economic events, which could offer more insight into the causation of these patterns.
  • There is a significant gap in business closure data, suggesting either a lack of recorded closures prior to 2015 or missing data within the dataset.
  • The analysis only covers the period up to 2017; thus, the most recent trends in the last few years are not captured.

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