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Trends in Justice Center Case Outcomes by Month from January 2022 to June 2023 in New York State

Source: NY Open Data, Justice Center Case Outcomes by Month dataset (CSV).
  • The most common case outcome was 'Unsubstantiated,' with case counts peaking at 687 in March 2023.
  • 'Substantiated Category Three' cases showed a steady presence over time with a consistent number of cases - the highest being 248 in February 2023.
  • Cases with no jurisdiction ('No JC Jurisdiction') were the least common, maintaining low numbers throughout the period with no significant peaks.
  • Cases in 'Substantiated Category Four' and 'Substantiated Category Two' exhibited an overall upward trend, reaching highs of 15 (Category Four in April 2023) and 86 (Category Two in March 2023) respectively.
  • 'Substantiated Category One' did not follow a clear trend, displaying sporadic peaks with about 9 cases at most in any given month.
  • The data presents month-over-month fluctuations within each case outcome category, suggesting possible seasonal trends and varying reporting or outcome patterns.

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