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Trends of Accreditation Expiration for EAS-Accredited Test Firms Globally: Mar 2021 - Mar 2023

Source: EAS (Equipment Authorization System) Accredited Test Firms dataset from the FCC's Open Data platform (CSV).
  • A steady uptick in accreditation expiration was observed from March 2021 to June 2021, reaching 43 accreditations expiring in June.
  • Following July 2021, there is a noticeable variability in the number of expirations, with peaks roughly every second month.
  • The highest peak occurs in June 2021 with 43 expirations, while the subsequent year displays a more subdued pattern with a lower overall number of expirations.
  • From February 2022 onwards, a declining trend is evident, culminating in the lowest data point in March 2023 with only 12 expirations.
  • The periodicity observed may suggest a pattern in the scheduling of accreditation expirations, perhaps indicative of industry practices or administrative cycles.
  • The analysis is limited to the provided dataset and does not capture the full scope of all global EAS-accredited test firms or renewals that may occur after expiration.

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