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Trend of Campaign Expenditures Across the 2009 NYC Election Cycle

Source: NYC OpenData (CSV). The dataset contains a listing of campaign expenditures for candidates for City office during the 2009 election cycle in New York City. Dates: earliest_date_from_the_extracted_data to latest_date_from_the_extracted_data
  • The peak of campaign expenditures occurred in September 2009, coinciding with the NYC primary elections.
  • Expenditures sharply increased from January to September of 2009, indicating heightened campaign activity as the election approached.
  • A significant drop in expenditures is observed after September 2009, following the culmination of the 2009 election cycle.
  • The highest monthly campaign expenditure in 2009 was over 32 million dollars, showcasing the intensity of the campaign efforts.
  • Campaign activities involving financial expenditures began at least as early as October 2003, although these early transactions are likely preparatory in nature.
  • Post-election campaign expenditures persisted into 2010, but rapidly diminished to minimal amounts by March.

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