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Top U.S. States by Average Electricity Rates in 2020: A Comparative Analysis of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (CSV).
  • Hawaii, Alaska, and Rhode Island are the top three states with the highest average commercial electricity rates, indicating potentially higher operating costs for businesses.
  • There is a notable difference between commercial and industrial rates within states, with industrial rates being lower on average; for example, Hawaii's commercial rate averages at 0.3405 while its industrial rate averages at 0.3041.
  • Residential rates show less variability than commercial rates, but Hawaii and Alaska still lead with the highest average residential rates of 0.3370 and 0.3012 respectively.
  • States with high utility rates for one sector often have high rates across all sectors, suggesting a statewide trend in electricity pricing.
  • While industrial rates are generally lower, states like Vermont and Connecticut show a closer gap between sectors, which may reflect their energy policies or market structures.
  • The data includes an aggregation and simplification, focusing on the top states by rates and may not fully represent the outliers or the entire range of rates across the U.S.

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