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Top Permit Categories by Count in Maryland Solid Waste Management Program

Source: Maryland Department of the Environment - Land Management Administration (LMA) - Solid Waste Program - Permits (CSV).
  • Scrap Tire permits dominate the dataset with 5474 occurrences, significantly outpacing other categories.
  • Sewage Sludge and Subsequent Notification - EPA are the second and third most common permit types, with 1858 and 695 counts respectively.
  • There is a considerable drop-off in counts after the top three permit categories, with the fourth (EPA Identification Number) having only 386 occurrences.
  • The variety of permits shows a range of waste management activities, from tire recycling to sewage handling.
  • The data only includes the top 10 permit categories, focusing on those with the highest counts for clarity in visualization on mobile devices.

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