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Top 20 Montgomery County Departments by Active Contract Count

Source: Montgomery County Government's Active Contracts Database (CSV).
  • The Department of Health & Human Services has the highest number of active contracts with a total of 610, indicating a significant focus on healthcare and social services in the county.
  • High engagement with the Department of Recreation and Department of General Services, which have 475 and 329 contracts respectively, reflects the county's investment in community services and infrastructure.
  • Essential services like the Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection also rank highly with 242 and 105 contracts, showcasing the county's commitment to transportation and environmental sustainability.
  • The graph reveals a diverse range of departments engaging in contractual agreements, from public safety (like the Police with 60 contracts) to administrative functions (such as the Department of Finance with 24 contracts).
  • Lesser-known departments, including the Office of Animal Services and the County Executive's office, show a moderate level of activity, holding 13 and 14 contracts respectively.
  • The spread of contracts across departments highlights the multidimensional nature of county operations, encompassing areas such as judicial services, public safety, health, environment, transportation, and community development.

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