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Top 10 US States by Number of Medicare-Enrolled Skilled Nursing Facilities in 2023

Source: Provider Enrollment Data Requests - CPI, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (CSV).
  • Texas leads with 1,217 Medicare-enrolled skilled nursing facilities, the highest count across all states.
  • California closely follows Texas with 1,159 facilities, making it the state with the second-highest number of enrollments.
  • Ohio ranks third with 948 facilities, indicating a significant presence of skilled nursing institutions.
  • The top 10 list is rounded out by Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Missouri, and Michigan, in that order.
  • There is a noticeable drop-off from Ohio to Florida, suggesting regional variations in the concentration of skilled nursing facilities.
  • The aggregation of facilities by state suggests varying state-level demands or policies impacting the distribution of skilled nursing services.
  • This analysis represents data specifically related to Medicare enrollments and may not include facilities outside of this scope.

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