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Top 10 New York State Agencies by Appropriations Recommended in the 2014-15 Executive Budget

Source: Open Data NY - New York State Executive Budget Capital Appropriations 2014-15 (CSV).
  • The 'Transportation, Department of' leads with over $5.1 billion in recommended appropriations for 2014-15, suggesting a significant focus on infrastructure.
  • Education-related agencies, including the 'Education Department, State' and 'State University of New York', collectively have recommended appropriations exceeding $4.7 billion, highlighting the state's investment in educational facilities.
  • Healthcare infrastructure also appears to be a priority, with the 'Health, Department of' recommended for approximately $1.36 billion in appropriations.
  • Economic development initiatives are underscored by the 'Empire State Development Corporation' receiving over $1.29 billion.
  • Environmental conservation and historical preservation efforts are reflected in the allocations to the 'Environmental Conservation, Department of' and 'Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Office of' amounting to nearly $700 million combined.
  • Funds allocated to 'Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Division of' underline the importance of security and emergency readiness in the state's budget.
  • The results demonstrate the diverse nature of capital project funding across various state departments and indicate priorities in infrastructure, education, healthcare, economic development, and safety.

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