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Locale Classification of Schools in Top 10 US States by Total School Count for the 2021-2022 School Year

Source: National Center for Education Statistics (CSV).
  • California, Texas, and New York lead with the highest total counts of schools across all locale classifications.
  • California shows a significantly higher count of schools in urban (city) locales (526) compared to other states.
  • Texas has the most rural schools, with 307 schools in locale type 42 and 220 schools in locale type 43.
  • New Jersey and Oklahoma report no schools in specific suburban (locale types 12) and town (locale types 32 and 33) categories.
  • Illinois has a notable number of schools in urban fringe areas (380 schools in locale type 21), which is the highest compared to other states in this data set.
  • Data suggests a varied distribution of schools across different locales, indicating the socio-geographical diversity of educational institutions in the US.

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