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Inspection Type Distribution for Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Oil Control Program in 2023

Source: Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) - LMA Oil Control Program Inspections dataset provided via (CSV).
  • The bar chart visualization indicates a predominant focus on 'Inspection - OPT' with a total count of 199 inspections, highlighting a specific type of activity within the MDE Oil Control Program.
  • Other inspection types such as 'Oil operations, storage / handling facility permit application inspection' and 'Inspection - ODS' are significantly less frequent, with counts of 30 and 14 respectively.
  • The least frequent inspection types observed in the dataset are 'Inspection - OPS' and 'Inspection - OPX', with counts of 2 and 1, representing a small fraction of the overall inspection activity.
  • The data only accounts for 246 rows of reported inspections, signifying a small dataset which may not fully represent the entire scope of inspection activities carried out by the Maryland Department of the Environment.
  • Due to the small 'Non-Empty Row Count' of 14 out of 246, there may be limitations in the conclusiveness of the analysis regarding the inspection types not present or not recorded in the dataset.

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