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Income Levels in Relation to Education Across Various US Districts: A Scatterplot Analysis

Source: American Community Survey Education Tabulation, US Census Bureau (CSV).
  • The scatterplot visualizes the relationship between income levels and education level across various US districts.
  • Data points represent a sampling of districts, with the x-axis showing education level and the y-axis showing average income.
  • The data demonstrates a diversity of income levels across different education levels, suggesting no immediate, distinct pattern between the two variables.
  • Some districts with similar education levels have large disparities in average income, indicating the possible influence of other socio-economic factors.
  • Several outliers indicate exceptionally high income levels, which may pull the average upwards and are not representative of the typical relationship.
  • Distribution concentration at the lower end of the income scale points to a higher number of districts with modest incomes regardless of education levels.
  • Presence of districts with higher education levels but not proportionately high incomes could suggest that higher education is not the sole factor in determining income.

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