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Geographic Distribution of Contractors Doing Business with the City of Chicago in 2021

Source: City of Chicago's Data Portal (CSV). The dataset encompasses a list of contractors who received payments totaling $10,000 or more from the City of Chicago in any 12-month period during the preceding four years. The data was sourced from the city's Financial Management and Purchasing Systems (FMPS). Dates: 2014-09-03 to 2018-07-11
  • Illinois dominates as the state with the overwhelming majority of contractors, reflecting a strong local business presence in dealings with Chicago.
  • A total of 4075 contractors are registered in Illinois, indicating that the state is the primary hub for such businesses.
  • The next top-ranking states are California and New York, but with significantly fewer contractors at 103 and 91 respectively, emphasizing Illinois's lead.
  • The concentration of vendors in Illinois could suggest centralized or simplified procurement processes for local businesses.
  • It's important to note that the vast disparity may be influenced by reporting practices, logistics, local economic policies, or the presence of certain industries.
  • The top 10 states, including Texas, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, among others, range from 36 to 63 vendors, suggesting a much more modest presence in comparison to Illinois.

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