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Educational Attainment by Level in Different Provinces of Nepal by Gender in 2011

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics of Nepal (CSV).
  • The analysis provides a comparison of educational attainment levels across different provinces and genders in Nepal for the year 2011.
  • A significant disparity is observed in educational attainment between the highest (labelled as 'Nepal') and lowest (labelled as 'Karnali') provinces, with more than 6 times as many individuals completing primary education in 'Nepal' compared to 'Karnali'.
  • Graduate and above education levels also showcase a stark contrast, with the 'Nepal' province having over 22 times the number of graduates compared to the 'Karnali' province.
  • The analysis indicates a potentially high concentration of postgraduate and higher educational attainment in urban or more developed provinces ('Province 3' and 'Nepal') versus rural ones ('Karnali', 'Province 7').
  • There might be underlying socio-economic factors contributing to the educational attainment discrepancies among provinces.
  • Given that the data differentiates by gender, one could further assess the gender-specific educational achievement within each province, though detailed insights are not included here.

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