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Distribution of Title V Facility Permits by City in New York State

Source: NY Open Data (CSV).
  • The highest number of Title V facility permits (3) is found in Bronx, NY, suggesting a higher concentration of emissions-related activities.
  • Two permits are present in Painted Post, NY, indicating another locality with multiple emissions-related facilities.
  • All other cities listed—Stony Brook, Elmira, Hume, South Yaphank, and several others—have a single facility permit each.
  • The data includes a total of 16 facility permits across 13 different cities within New York State.
  • As 'FACILITY STATE' only includes 'NY', it is clear that the analysis is specific to New York State without inter-state comparisons.
  • The provided data does not indicate the size or emissions output of the facilities, which could significantly impact the interpretation of permit counts.

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