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Distribution of Promise Neighborhood 2011 Grants Among States in the USA

Source: Department of Education (ED), U.S. Government (CSV). The dataset contains general information about applications for Promise Neighborhood grants in 2011, detailing applicant types, locations, and project capacities, as reported by applicants. Dates: 2011-01-01 to 2011-12-31
  • California and New York have the highest number of grants, indicating a potentially larger focus or need in these states.
  • States exhibit notably varied levels of grant reception, with five times as many grants going to the top two states (CA and NY) compared to others listed.
  • The distribution suggests a geographical preference or requirement, as some states have multiple grants, while most others have only one.
  • This grant allocation data could reflect the applicants' distribution, the states' needs, or the priorities of the grant-providing organization.
  • The analysis does not account for the total dollar amount of grants or the population size of states, which could provide further insight into the grant's impact.

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