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Distribution of Lobbyist Memberships Across States in 2020-2021

Source: 2020-2021 Lobbyist Communicators Dataset via Data.CT.Gov (CSV).
  • The state of Connecticut (CT) has the highest number of registered lobbyist members, with 530 individuals.
  • Only twenty states have more than one lobbyist member registered, suggesting a concentration of lobbyist activities in specific regions.
  • Washington D.C. (DC) ranks second, with 44 registered lobbyist members, highlighting its role as a political hub.
  • There is a significant drop-off in the number of lobbyist members after the top two entries, with the third-ranked state having only 32 members.
  • The data considered includes the top 20 states, and the lowest among these have only 2 members each, indicating a steep decline outside the most active states.
  • Since the data is limited to 726 rows and counts only those registered within a specified period, it may not reflect the total number of active lobbyists in each state.
  • The absence of lobbyist members from the dataset in other states does not necessarily mean there are no lobbyists present; they could be unregistered or their data was not captured within the dataset's timeframe.

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