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Distribution of Hospital Ownership Changes by State for Buyers Since January 2016

Source: Provider Enrollment Data Requests - CPI, via the Hospital Change of Ownership dataset (CSV).
  • California (CA) has the highest number of reported hospital ownership changes for buyers with 65 instances.
  • The dataset includes buyers from 48 different states, indicating a widespread occurrence of hospital ownership changes across the US.
  • Texas (TX) and North Carolina (NC) follow California with 48 and 27 cases, respectively, showing considerable activity in these states as well.
  • Some states reported very few changes, such as New Hampshire (NH), North Dakota (ND), and Rhode Island (RI) with only one case each, suggesting regional variability in hospital ownership changes.
  • The data reflects a variety of states from different regions, demonstrating that hospital ownership changes are not confined to a specific area of the country.
  • Statistical outliers or states with high counts may indicate regions with higher hospital merger and acquisition activity or states with larger healthcare markets.

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