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Distribution of DMV Office Types Across New York State as of 2023

Source: Open Data NY, maintained by the Office of Information Technology Services, State of New York (CSV).
  • The majority of DMV offices in New York State are 'COUNTY OFFICE' with 89 locations, indicating accessible services at the local level.
  • Following 'COUNTY OFFICE', the 'DISTRICT OFFICE' type has a significant presence with 57 different facilities, providing centralized services for larger regions.
  • 'MOBILE OFFICE', 'TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS BUREAU', and 'VEHICLE SAFETY' types are less common, with 13, 8, and 6 offices respectively, catering to specialized needs or less-populated areas.
  • The data exhibits a wide variety in office distribution by type, which may influence resident accessibility and service waiting times.
  • Since the analysis is solely based on the office type count, it does not consider the area's population density or the specific services offered by each office type.
  • The analysis reflects the state of the DMV office types up to 2023 and any changes post-analysis date are not accounted for.

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