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Distribution of Campaign Filers by Status in San Francisco's Ethics Commission Records

Source: San Francisco Ethics Commission records database (CSV).
  • The majority of filers are classified as 'Candidate or Officeholder' with a total of 1,635 in various statuses.
  • The dataset comprises a particularly high number of 'terminated' entities, making up 1,545 out of the total count for 'Candidate or Officeholder' type.
  • There is a significant count of 'Major Donor' and 'General Purpose' types in the 'ANNUAL' status, with 720 and 739 occurrences respectively, indicating regular financial contribution activities.
  • The 'Is Terminated' status is shared across multiple filer types, such as 'Candidate or Officeholder', 'General Purpose', 'Major Donor', and others, highlighting a common conclusion to filer activities.
  • 'Active' campaigns are most prevalent among 'Candidate or Officeholder', 'General Purpose', 'Major Donor', and 'Person' categories.
  • The 'ACTIVE' status is noticeably lower for the 'Primarily Formed Measure' category (37) compared to other categories such as 'Major Donor' (76) and 'General Purpose' (76).
  • Minor representations are observed in 'NR' (Non-Responsive?) and 'NONSF' (Not San Francisco-based?) statuses, suggesting most of the dataset consists of responsive, San Francisco-based entities.

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