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Comparison of Reported and Predicted Surgical Site Infections for Top Procedures in California Hospitals in 2020H1

Source: California Department of Public Health (CSV). The dataset captures surgical site infections (SSIs) reported by California hospitals to the state's Department of Public Health, based on the first half of year 2020. It is used to monitor post-surgical infection rates and effectiveness of hospital-based infection control measures. Dates: 2020-01-01 to 2020-06-30
  • The top 10 operative procedures accounted for a count of 1343 infections reported, with Cesarean sections and Colon surgeries being significant contributors.
  • Reported infections for Cesarean sections and Colon surgeries were lower than predicted, suggesting better-than-expected outcomes given the risk context.
  • All analyzed procedures taken together have a higher number of predicted infections (1735.29) compared to the reported number (1343), indicating the effectiveness of infection control practices.
  • Operative procedures such as Knee prosthesis and Laminectomy showed lower reported infections than predicted, hinting at potential successes in prevention measures.

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