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Comparative Analysis of Overall Growth and Performance in Reading and Math Across Chicago Public Elementary Schools (2012-2013)

Source: City of Chicago's Data Portal, specifically the 2012-2013 School Progress Report Card for each CPS elementary school (CSV).
  • Scatter plot depicts a varying relationship between the growth in reading and math and student performance across schools, indicating growth does not consistently correlate with high performance.
  • The range in growth spans from a low of 25.6% to a high of 94.1%, demonstrating significant variability in growth achievements among schools.
  • Performance levels also exhibit a wide range, with a minimum of 4.8% and a maximum approaching 99.4%, suggesting diverse outcomes in student achievement.
  • Some schools demonstrate high growth and high performance, while others show high growth with low performance, and vice versa, reflecting complexity in factors influencing these two measures.
  • Data points spread across the graph indicate there is no singular pattern of growth associated with performance, emphasizing the individual context of each school's results.
  • Notable outliers include schools with exceptionally high performance and growth rates nearing the upper bounds of the dataset, which may merit individual case studies to extrapolate success factors.

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