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Average Retail Prices of Liquor Categories in Iowa as of 2023

Source: Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (CSV).
  • Scotch whiskies top the list of average state bottle retail prices at approximately $358.49, making it the most premium category.
  • Single malt scotch, another high-end spirit, follows with an average retail price of about $116.88 per bottle.
  • Imported brandies and blended whiskies are also on the pricier side with average retails of $71.64 and $67.77, respectively.
  • Straight rye whiskies and 100% agave tequila present similar average price points, around $64.52 and $63.84.
  • The average state bottle retail price shows significant variation among categories, with a steep drop from scotch whiskies to other categories.
  • Average prices occupy a range between $50 and $360 for the listed categories, indicating a diverse market.
  • Temporary & specialty packages and mezcal, while not the most expensive, still fetch an average retail price above $50, at $56.74 and $56.62 respectively.
  • Lower-end of the average retail price among the top categories is for straight bourbon whiskies at about $51.91.

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